All Ella Hicks Salons & Professionals are provided with consultation forms to deliver an exceptional service.

The consultation will be gone through, in detail, during your training sessions.

If you are a customer, please ask your salon or hair stylist to do a consultation with you.

Below is an example of our hair consultation form. 


The Ella to Ella Hicks Hair Extensions is the co-founder of the company. When Ella needed to find a method that was great for her hair and would protect the health of her hair, she decided to solve the problem on her own. Ella spent over a decade studying and working with the different hair extensions available on the market. Ella was one of the earliest adopters of the ‘mini micro ring’ method, a method to 

Ella provides the bulk of our training sessions in person and provides hair extension services from the Serena Grant salon in Chipping Norton.

You can book applications with Ella Hicks by emailing her on ella@ellahicks.co.uk