Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens after I sign up for my trade account? 

After you sign up for your trade account, our administrative team will be in touch to organise your supplier agreement with Ella Hicks Hair Extensions. This just simply goes through the ins and outs of the relationship, the ordering process and payment.

Once this is completed, you will be invited to one of our next training days with the Ella Hicks team. These are usually on a Sunday or a Monday inline with the industries general days out of salon, to make sure you don’t miss any important salon opening time. You and your whole team are welcome to be certified in Ella Hicks Hair Extensions mini-micro ring method. You do not have to attend to open an account but we advise on making the most of the free training. 

Before your training, our administrative team will send you a £1 invoice via our payment partner, Stripe, to set up and complete the opening of your account. 

At your training session, all of the ordering process will be walked through, including ordering and returning product. You will at this point be given your salon code, which will allow you to purchase from our site with credit. 


2. How do I book in my free training?

Your training will be booked via our admin team once your supplier agreement has been completed. We book these up to 3 months in advance. 


3. How do I order with the 14 day credit? 

At your training session, you will be given your salon specific code that will track all of your purchases and give you the 14 day credit.


4. How does the 14 day credit on orders work? 

When you open an account with us, we give you credit to ease cashflow and make sure you get paid before having to shell out for expensive products. To do this, we give you a 100% discount code for our online store, which notifies us of when you order. 14 days after the order, our system will automatically take payment from your saved details. 


5. Do I need a model for training? 

You are more than welcome to bring a model for training but this is not a requirement. 


6. Do I need to attend training to open an account? 

Nope! You can open an account if you are confident with the tools and processes. All of our accounts get access to our client walk throughs and documentation so you can always check up on these.


7. Do salons or professionals get a discount on orders? 

Yes, of-course! This will depend on your spend but all of our salons/professionals start on a set discount, which is reviewed annually or based on commitment.


8. How does certification work? 

To gain an Ella Hicks certification, you must complete our training session and then submit a client report in the correct format for review by Ella. This includes images of the clients hair at key stages of the process. All of this will be gone through on your training day.