Ella Hicks Hair Extensions was developed to solve all problems salons face when working with a hair extension provider.

The team have brought together an array of skillsets from over a decade serving the hair and beauty industry. Our team have been involved in salon application of hair extensions as well as the training of stylists across the UK.

All of our clients will receive a certification in the mini-micro ring hair extension method free of charge. We do not want cost to hold back you or your teams career development, therefore we are happy to invest in our relationship and get you all going as soon as possible. 


How does it work? 

The only thing we require of you is that partner with us exclusively for mini-micro ring hair extensions in your salon and work hard to develop a clientele in your business.

Just head to our trade accounts page and register for an account. Our team will then be in touch to organise your training if you require it. 

Training sessions are held at our salons in Oxfordshire & Wiltshire and more locations will be added throughout 2020, our training team will travel for teams/groups of 8 or more. Lunch will be provided and ALL tools will be available for purchase at discounted rates on the day. 

Hands On Training

You will be allowed to bring models to training sessions. With enough notice, one can be provided for you (You will be required to pay for the 50 strands of hair required for the training session, or your model can pay for this) 


All staff will be required to complete at least one client and send the 5 stage images to Ella in order for their certification to be signed off. We usually reccomend this is a model and they are charged for the hair only.


A section of the training is all about how you market hair extensions in your business. Ella will teach you first hand how she delivers in excess of 25 sets of hair per month, which would be a substantial revenue stream for your business.

14 Day Instant Credit

A 14-day instant credit will be applied to your account. You will be given a special code that will allow you to purchase from our site and just pay shipping. The balance will be due 14 days after. If your client cancels or doesn’t show, just use the return label in the box!


The Ella to Ella Hicks Hair Extensions is the co-founder of the company. When Ella needed to find a method that was great for her hair and would protect the health of her hair, she decided to solve the problem on her own. Ella spent over a decade studying and working with the different hair extensions available on the market. Ella was one of the earliest adopters of the ‘mini micro ring’ method, a method to market.