Hair Transformations


Ella Hicks Hair Extensions was developed to solve all problems salons face when working with a hair extension provider.

The team have brought together an array of skillsets from over a decade serving the hair and beauty industry. Our team have been involved in salon application of hair extensions as well as the training of stylists across the UK. Alongside this, the team actively own hair salons and other companies such as marketing agencies and manufacturers. This experience and know-how of issues you face daily has enabled us to create one of the best partnership programs in the UK for hair extensions.

Oh hello
22” of rich rose gold extra
20” of golden brown full head mini microrings
22” extra thick mixed blonde
16” thick head of mixed ash blonde extensions
8” of mixed blonde hair extensions
26” custom order of vanilla blonde hair extensions
2” of pure chocolate
Before and after 22” of mixed brown mini microring extensions
18” full head of black hair extensions to create this glossy full head
16” mixed brown mini microring hair extensions for this perfect tone
18” full head of warm blonde tones to create this stunning head of hair extensions
16” full head of ash blondes and browns and a trim on the natural hair to create this stunning look
16” full head of white blonde mini microring hair extensions to create this full beautiful head of hair