Mini Micro Rings

Mini Micro rings are a relatively new method of hair extension application. They seek to reduce the amount of glue and hair-damaging products used in the manufacturing of hair extensions. Our team were some of the earliest adopters of this method and have continued to refine it, turning it into a clear winner when compared with other hair extension methods for quality, client hair health, longevity and more.


Like micro rings, the method uses special tools to clamp the clients hair and the extension together. Unlike normal micro rings, our method uses a lighter, more discreet ring. 

This technique is considered to be the best by industry experts and celebrities alike, creating a stunning finish with the hair extensions virtually undetectable. Using this market-leading technique and working with only the finest quality human hair, which has been ethically sourced from individual donors at Indian temples, ensures you can have the hair you’ve always dreamed of and no-one will be able to tell that you’ve had hair extensions.


The Mini Micro Ring Method is the kindest extension method for your hair. It does not involve any hot glues or sewing and there is no damage to your own hair. They are fitted using a tiny copper tube/ring linked to your natural hair with the pre-tipped extension gently clamped into position.


Oh hello
That shine though
20” of golden brown full head mini microrings
8” of mixed blonde hair extensions
20” of chocolate hair extensions for lovely’s wedding day
Such a transformation with 220 x 16” hair extensions in mixed browns
When you already have the length and your just looking for thickness the 50 strand option will be for you
16” full head of white blonde mini microring hair extensions to create this full beautiful head of hair


Mini-Micro Ring

We are pioneers in one of the healthiest, most sought after methods of hair extension application available. Our goal is train you and sell the hair at a price better than our competitors!

Free Training

All accounts with Ella Hicks will receive training for every single one of their stylists, at absolutely no cost to you. Potentially worth thousands of £, this is a big benefit for you.

14 Day Instant Credit

Our accounts will receive 14 days instant credit, meaning you never have to pay for clients hair before their appointment again. Return hair within 30 days too!

Free After Care Kit

A free aftercare kit with £10 and hair extension guide will provided with every purchase. You can pass these onto your client to optimise their experience.


We are booking training dates for January – March 2020. These hold limited spaces therefore please book them as soon as possible. We will be holding 5 sessions per month.  Each session will hold up to 10 stylists, either from a single salon or a mix offering a co-working dynamic. 

Training will be at one of our locations in Swindon, Chipping Norton or Carterton.

You do not need to have a certification by Ella Hicks & Co in order to be accepted for an account, please go through the application process as normal and then select ‘no’ when it comes to the training question. 

Once you apply, you will be provided with a special code on our launch that will allow you to purchase our hair without paying for it. You will receive an instant 14-day credit on all purchases and also a 12.5% discount on the retail prices of our extensions. 

We expect to be launching in December.