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Our Hair Sourcing Promise

Indian Temple Hair is the finest quality, natural human hair that has been ethically sourced from individual donors at temples throughout India.

Thousands of women make a pilgrimage to holy temples in India (one of the most popular being the Tirumala Venkateswara Hindu Temple on the coastal state of Andhra Pradesh) to offer up their hair as a gift to the Hindu God as a sign of religious devotion and as a way of giving thanks for their blessings.

The temples sell the donated hair to exporters to be used as hair extensions around the world. The money raised by the temples is then used to help run the orphanages and hospitals in their local communities.

Sustainable Packaging

Our packaging is made out of premium, recycled materials. We invest a lot more into our packaging than our nearest competitor, to make sure that we work towards a complete carbon neutral process at Ella Hicks Hair Extensions.

Your packaging is re-usable, we ask that you pop your hair into it and post it back so we can recycle both the box and the hair properly. 

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Recycled Hair

Our boxes are made from a recyclable material and should be kept (They’re super pretty too) until you are finished with your hair. After 6-9 months, when your hair is changed, we ask our clients to pop their hair back into their box (Or into another one if you have lost it) and post it back to our headquarters.

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Our team will then donate your hair to charities that will use it to develop wigs for cancer patients and other illnesses that cause hair loss.